Another victim’s statement

There was a day when I received the news that they were going to let the accused drunk driver out of jail until her trial.  This was 3 months after Mike was killed. The lawyer’s immediately appealed the ruling and a court date was set.  During this hearing I was allowed to speak as the victim in hopes to sway the judge to overturn the ruling and keep her in jail until the trial. The following statement is what I read in court.

I would like to address the court today, in regards to the decision on keeping Angela Mata incarcerated.  I am Samantha Gallagher, wife of border patrol agent Michael Gallagher.  I believe that it would be an injustice to release her during the time she is being tried for the crimes committed against my husband and my children’s father.  I have two young boys that cry for their dad.  I cannot give him to them, because of the choice that Angela made.  Angela chose to get behind the wheel when she was twice the legal limit.  She chose to start the truck and drive it down the road where she crashed into my husband’s service vehicle.  My husband was serving his country, keeping our borders safe that day.  He did not get the choice to live or die.  He will never walk through our door to say he is home.  My children will never feel his embrace again.  This is due to the choice Angela made.  Angela needs to start taking responsibility for her actions and I believe the first step is serving her time now.  I could not sleep if she was released pending these charges.  I could not bare the fact that she might be able to do this to another family.  If she was released she would go back to the same temptation that led her to the choice she made on September 2nd 2010, which ultimately resulted in the death of my husband.  So I am asking the justice system to make the right choice, to keep the accused incarcerated. This will ease some of the anguish that my family has gone through over the last 107 days.  This will also prevent another tragedy from happening to another family and I could sleep at night. Thank you.


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