Victims’ statements

Some of you might wonder what a victim statement is.  It is the chance for you to speak in front of the court during a trial in which you are considered a victim.  During a trial or hearing the victim(s) get a chance to talk about how they have been impacted.  You do not need to write it out, you can get in front of the court and speak.  I would encourage you to write it out, as it will likely be extremely emotional for you. You have the option of, writing a letter to the judge and not speaking in court or you can do both.  Another option is for you is to have someone else read your statement.  You should have a victim’s advocate assigned to you by the court.  The victim’s advocate is usually very knowledgeable about the process and can help you with this process as well. Under this page, I have shared two victim’s impact statements that I wrote and read.  As I get permission I will post additional victim impact statement to help you as a guideline.  Please do not copy these, but do use them as a guideline.

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