They do not make handbooks for being a widow/widower and I am pretty sure anyone that falls into that “category” wishes they did.  There are times when you are not sure if you are going crazy or if you are “normal”.  I wanted a place to ask questions so I could verify my feelings or just plan get a response that what I was doing was acceptable.

Maybe you are on the other end of this and you are trying to figure out how to show support to a widow/widower.  Or maybe you just want to know what you did was appropriate.  It can be so confusing and at times awkward.  It may be uncomfortable to ask the widow/widower how you can support them.  Often the widow/widower will not know what they need, depending on where they are in the grieving process.

You could also be just a curious person and have questions for a person going through a traumatic situation.  Hearing about a loss, could inspire you to evaluate your own life.  Wondering what you should do to somehow prepare yourself if you were to die or lose your spouse.  I do not believe there is anything that will prepare you, but it may make things a little easier.

Last year I was asked to speak with a peer support group.  I told my story and opened the floor for questions.  People ask some really good ones.  It made me realize how unprepared we all our for death.

Death is not an easy subject to discuss and most of the time we do not want to think about it.

What I wanted to do is create a page for anyone that has questions to comment on this page and I will answer them.  It can be done anonymously if feel more comfortable.  When you click on leave a comment it asks for your name and email address. You can put anonymous for your name and your email address is not shared with me.  So ask away!


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