Interactive Community

These pages are to post stories, answers or advice that anyone wants to know about.  If others want me to post their stories, share their courage or even answer questions it will be under this page.  So I encourage anyone to ask and I will be happy to share for them.


One thought on “Interactive Community

  1. My phone was interrupted during my story about Officer Jason Ellis. To make a long story short, Jason’s wife Amy is a dear friend of mine. I have searched for the perfect something to help ease her pain and help her heal…and I read an excerpt from your book and had to buy it. I read the whole book in one day…learning so much about her grief and knew she would identify with you. Last night she texted me and said by far your book was the only one given to her during this process that she has read more than a few pages. I don’t know if you could or even would but I was wondering like other widows who work through Supporting Heroes if you would consider talking with Amy? We have no answers, no suspects and she has alot of pain and anger. If you can and would contact me I
    would love to fill you in more but your amazing book will change her life either way. Thank you for taking the time to read both of my messages. Please pray for Amy and her boys and for our community as a whole. We are all very broken:( Your story will change many lives…thanks for sharing your Crazy Courage with me.

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