Interview with Red at Momma’s Money Matters

Red was busy keeping Claret and Bruno out of the chocolate croissants and white chocolate mocha when a breezy Samantha Light-Gallagher swept into the M3 Coffee Shoppe. With an admonition for the Wombies to mind their paws, Red set out to see what Samantha had to say about Crazy Courage.


M3: Should we be all that concerned with your day job?

SLG: Not really.  My day job does impact the amount of time I get to spend writing.  I am a personal trainer during the day and a mother both day and night.

M3: *grins* I am with you there. So, writing, training, boys (plural)…did you take a hiatus?

SLG: Yes, I took a hiatus to focus on marketing Crazy Courage: A Young Widow’s Survival Guide.  I do still write though.  I spend some of my time thinking about new ideas for a book.  When I come up with a great idea, I know it.

M3: Which leads me to believe you have something up your sleeve.

Stop by The M3 Blog to read the rest of the interview and see what I have in the works!


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