The wedding ring

Diamond ring with ruby stones A wedding ring is universal.  When someone sees it on your hand, they know you are married.  There are many cultures that exchange rings as a symbol of love.  We even have a finger that is named for the placement, the ring finger.  The ring symbolizes a circle of trust between two individuals. 

When the ring is placed by your spouse you are symbolizing your eternal love for one another.  Your wedding day is full of magic, love and laughter.  Sometimes there are tears, but they are tears of joy. 

Recently I had a widow ask me how long I wore my ring after my husband’s death.  I told her for a few months.  I had my husband’s wedding ring and mine melting down to made into a new ring that I wear on my right hand.  My engagement diamond was placed in the middle with the diamonds from his ring forming a circle around it.  I had his birthstone placed on the ring as well. 

Before I created a new ring my wedding ring brought me pain.  I would see it on my hand, it no longer brought the joy of marriage, it had turned into a reminder that he was dead.  I wanted to rip it off my finger and throw it as far as I could.  I was angry that our marriage had ended because someone made a bad choice and killed him. 

I have spoken to other widows that took their wedding ring off the day they found out their husband died, others that still wear their ring and yet others who wear it once in awhile. Everyone chooses what’s right for them. 

It is amazing how such a small thing can symbolize so much in someone’s life.  How one moment it brought joy to their life and the next heartache.

I would like to hear from any of the reader’s that have lost…what did you do with your ring?


2 thoughts on “The wedding ring

  1. I lost my husband very suddenly almost 4 months ago. I am wearing my wedding ring as always and I wear my hubbys ring on a chain on my neck. My feeling, it could take a very long while before I take them off or if ever. My husband was one of a kind for me.

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