Balloons floating up in the blue sky with white clouds

Balloons floating to heaven

As my late husband’s birthday gets closer, he would be 34 years old this year, I think about the tradition my children and I started on his 33rd birthday.  As he would have neared 35, I think about all the grief I would have given him for getting another year closer.  Then the look that he would have given me and the roll of his eyes, then the laughter would have begun.

On July 5th, 2011, the boys and I went to the store to pick out their dad some balloons.  They chose one balloon that said happy birthday on it and 2 green mylar balloons (green was Mike’s favorite color).  Quincy wrote a message to his dad on one mylar balloon, the note read, if you have a house in heaven please put these in it.  Rhyan drew a picture on the other.  Quincy wanted to attached a picture that we had just recently taken.  It was a picture of the two of them and me.  He said that he wanted his dad to put it up in his house in heaven, so his dad could look at us when he wanted and see how much they have grown.  I wrote a letter to Mike and attached it to the string.  When we finished we took them in our backyard and released them.  The boys and I watched as the balloons floated up to their dad in heaven.

This did a lot for the boys and myself.  I wanted to share it with all of you.  We will be doing it again on July 5th.  In an odd way, we look forward to sending their dad balloons to his house in heaven on his birthday.


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