Family on the beach holding handsMortality is such an uncomfortable subject.  It is something that is very hard to discuss seriously, so we might find ways to add humor to it to alleviate some of the discomfort.  I believe it is something that we all need to get to a comfort level with.

I now believe life is a privilege and no longer a given right.  My husband was killed at the age of 32 and I am still angry about that.  The anger no longer consumes me, but I am angry at the situation.   There are several different ways that I can deal with that anger.  What I have chosen to do is deal with it in a positive manner.  I feel privileged every day I wake up and in all those moments I get to enjoy with my children, family and friends. I know now that it is really possible for me to die at any moment, so I try not to take my life for granted.

It is hard for me to understand how people can feel that their life is a given right, since I no longer do.  I can understand how they may feel that way, because I once felt that way.  This is just one way my perception has changed since the death of my husband. People may say that their life is a privilege, but their actions can speak louder than those words.

I think we all want to make our footprint or fingerprints in this world and may struggle with the fact that when we leave…will people really remember us? The fact is that someone will. There might not be a million people that do and that is okay.  As long as we touch one person in our lives I believe we are successful.

What is important is that we are doing more than breathing.  We are joining society and contributing.  Living life can mean so many things.  I bet if you sat in a room of 100 people and flashed the word life on a screen and if those people were to say the first word that came to their head, the answers would vary tremendously.  The one thing that we should all be really grateful for is having the privilege to live another day, hour or even a minute.


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