The People You Meet

hands with blue backgroundAfter I became a widow, I met some very inspiring people.  I met other widows that showed me their strength and their desire to live life.  I watched them all grieving in different ways, but their desire to help others was astonishing.  It made me realize that there are so many unselfish people in this world.  That people are able to put themselves aside and give you the support you need to make it through your new life.

I also met new sides of people who I had known for years.  We often take on roles in each others lives and are very comfortable with that.  When something turns that balance around and you begin to take on a new role in the relationship it can cause some complications.  In my situation it happened so seamlessly that I did not notice any role changes until after it was over.  Most of the roles have returned to normal, but knowing that people are capable of such great things really provides the comfort that you need.

There are organizations that provide support without asking anything in return and for someone who has been in a role of giving, not receiving can cause some discomfort.  So it can be challenging to get used to.  All I can say about that is know that is okay to ask and genuine people will not ask anything in return.  I met with some individuals of an organization last week and they provided me with the guidance I needed to move forward with a project that is very important to me.

This past weekend I met up with some really great friends.  It is great to be able to enjoy each others company. Being able to discuss life without feeling like there is a white elephant in the room.  It really made me feel like I am continuing to move forward in my life and am creating the social environment that is important to me.

I am fortunate to have those friends and organizations that support me and what I want to accomplish.

I want to continue to live this life with such passion that when I leave this world I will know my life will be celebrated!


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